PowerShell Modules


A PowerShell module, containing templates for use with Plaster.
Plaster allows developers to scaffold file and folder structure for a new PowerShell module.


PowerShellModule – create a new PowerShell module with Visual Studio Code, Pester, and Azure Pipelines support.


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Install from PowerShell:

Install-Module PlasterTemplates


A module for managing argument completers registered by Register-ArgumentCompleter cmdlet.

Get-CustomArgumentCompleter – gets registered custom argument completers.

Get-NativeArgumentCompleter – gets registered native argument completers.

Get-CustomArgumentCompleterScriptBlock – gets scriptblock of the registered custom argument completer.

Get-NativeArgumentCompleterScriptBlock – gets scriptblock of the registered native argument completer.

Remove-CustomArgumentCompleter – removes specified registered custom argument completers.

Remove-NativeArgumentCompleter – removes specified registered native argument completers.

Clear-CustomArgumentCompleters – clears all of the registered custom argument completers.

Clear-NativeArgumentCompleters – clears all of the registered native argument completers.


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Install from PowerShell:

Install-Module sthArgumentCompleter


A module for invoking commands using specified culture.

Enter-sthCulture – function enters specified culture ‘scope’.

Invoke-sthUsingCulture – function invokes command using specified culture.

Set-sthCulture – function sets specified culture for the current session.

Reset-sthCulture – function resets culture for the current session to its original value.


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Install from PowerShell:

Install-Module sthInvokeUsingCulture


A module for creating and working with vaults.

Get-sthVault – function gets existing vaults or displays content of the specified vault.

New-sthVault — function creates the vault with the properties specified.

Set-sthVaultProperty — function adds new properties or changes values of the existing properties in the vault.

Remove-sthVaultProperty — function removes specified properties from the vault.

Remove-sthVault — function removes the vault specified.


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Install from PowerShell:

Install-Module sthVault


A module for creating mail profiles and using them to send mail messages.

Send-sthMailMessage – function sends mail message using settings from the profile specified.

New-sthMailProfile — function creates mail profile containing specified settings.

Get-sthMailProfile — function gets existing mail profiles and displays their settings.

Remove-sthMailProfile — function removes specified profiles.


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Install from PowerShell:

Install-Module sthMailProfile


A module containing functions for working with elements in module’s scope.

Enter-sthModuleScope – function enters the scope of a specified module and allows to invoke command in that scope. This provides means to call internal module functions and access nonexported module variables. When you enter a module scope, command prompt changes to include the name of the module. To exit from the module scope type ‘exit’.

Get-sthModuleScopeFunction — function returns all the functions, defined in the module specified by -Module parameter, or the module, the scope of which was entered by using the Enter-sthModuleScope function. By default, Get-sthModuleScopeFunction gets all functions – public and private, but you can specify which functions you are interested in by using -PublicOnly and -PrivateOnly parameters.

Get-sthModuleScopeVariable — function returns all the variables, defined in the module specified by -Module parameter, or the module, the scope of which was entered by using the Enter-sthModuleScope function. By default, Get-sthModuleScopeVariable gets all variables – public and private, but you can specify which variables you are interested in by using -PublicOnly and -PrivateOnly parameters.

Get-sthScopeDepth — function returns current scope depth, where 0 means, that you are in the global scope, 1 – you are one scope deeper than global, 2 – you are two scopes deeper than global, etc.


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Install from PowerShell:

Install-Module sthModuleScope


A module for work with Active Directory groups and user accounts, protected by AdminSDHolder container.

Get-sthAdminSDHolderProtectedUserAccount – function gets Active Directory user accounts, protected by AdminSDHolder. It returns Name, SamAccountName, UserPrincipalName, whether account is enabled, adminCount attribute value, whether access rights inheritance is enabled and list of protected groups the user is member of.

Remove-sthAdminSDHolderUserAccountProtection — function removes adminCount attribute and enables access rules inheritance for the user object, that no longer belongs to groups, protected by AdminSDHolder container.

Get-sthAdminSDHolderGroup — function gets the Active Directory groups, protected by AdminSDHolder container. It returns dsHeuristics attribute value, protected groups, and also groups, excluded from protection, if any.

Disable-sthAdminSDHolderGroupProtection — function disables protection by AdminSDHolder container for Account Operators, Server Operators, Print Operators or Backup Operators groups.

Enable-sthAdminSDHolderGroupProtection — Function enables protection by AdminSDHolder container for Account Operators, Server Operators, Print Operators or Backup Operators groups.


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Install from PowerShell:

Install-Module sthAdminSDHolder


A module for working with and exploring PowerShell pipeline.

Get-sthPipelineCommand – function checks, whether a specified command supports pipelining.

Get-sthPipelineParameter – function discovers parameters of the specified command, that accept pipeline input and displays their Names, Aliases, Types, Parameter Sets, whether it is a default Parameter Set, whether it is a Mandatory parameter as well as supported methods of accepting pipeline input – ByValue and ByPropertyName.


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Install from PowerShell:

Install-Module sthPipelineTools